>Current Projects

After the December analysis, we feel the needs should be met in this order:
1. Renovate bathroom facilities to meet hygenic standards.
Disabled children are harder to care for and keep clean. We would like to raise money for hand-held showers and new easy-to-use sinks, toilets and urinals, and brand tiling.

It will take $9000 (USD) to renovate all 6 of the school’s bathrooms and shower facilities. This is Cane’s top priority as we feel hygiene and sterile quarters are especially important for the disabled and sick. Often the children demonstrated random physical symptoms along such as excessive bleeding which needs to be addressed immediately,
easily and properly.
Here is a quick cost breakdown:

buys an entire new bathroom
$61 buys a new toilet
$36 a new sink (with pipes & handles)
$28 buys a new hand held shower head
$4 buys one new tile

2. Generate Warmth
Hanoi gets much colder than we expected and we want those 2000 fingers and toes warm, because these children and staffers have enough to worry about. We will help facilitate coats/ clothing drives and feel that cash donations towards heating bills is our 2nd priority and commitment. Currently, the Peace Village has heating capabilities but does not heat the facilities due to lack of funds.

Warm coats, sweatshirts and closed-toed shoes would be hugely appreciated at the village.

3. Start-up Small Rx Business- The On Premises Pharmacy
The Peace Village is interested in starting their own pharmacy which can benefit the community and help the village become more self-sufficient as they would turn a profit.

As of now the pharmacy is only an idea and to implement this means to start from scratch. Donators interested in contributing to this should remember that this will take time, and money to materialize. We at Cane agree it would be a marketable small business project and would give the Peace Village an opportunity to raise money for themselves on an
ongoing basis.

4. Increase Staffing
These children require so much extra care and attention and we’d love to see them get as much care as POSSIBLE. It takes about $75/ wk for an extra day staffer. Most of the staff comes for the day activities (school, physio-therapy, etc.). Currently there are about 4-6 staffers on the night watch and with 90 children sleeping on the premises we would
like to see more.

5. Kitchen Facilities/Rat Situation
The Peace Village assumes the responsibility of feeing all the children throughout the day and through the night for those who board (the majority of the children board.) The meals appeared to be healthy (and plenty!) but our concern lies in the storage and facilities, as The Village has a rat problem.

The school is in large part an open-air facility and at times rats can be seen scurrying along the corridors. We would like to install some air-tight cupboards installed in the kitchen to safely preserve the food. The existing food compartments are exposed.

We would also like to help the Peace Village implement an on-going exterminationservice and set-up traps. We would like to raise some cats on the premises and let natural selection help with the problem.