Donations can be made in the name of "Journeys Within our Community" and sent to the following address:

Cane International
c/o Jessica Wilson
43991 East Highway 82
Aspen Co. 81611

*Those who donate more than $250 will receive a letter acknowledging this,
as necessary for tax purposes.

Journeys Within our Community (JWOC) is a non-profit organization that Cane International has paired with in order to offer our donors tax deductions on their donations. They are a Cambodian-based organization which has taken on several human rights projects in the Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam region and have agreed to take on our project and help streamline the donating system as well as contribute in other ways. They are familiar with the project and those working at Cane and at the Peace Village. Jessica Wilson will act as the US pointperson and see that the donations are forwarded to JWOC and received by the Thanh Xuan Peace Village of Hanoi. For more information on Journeys Within our Community please visit: www.journeyswithinourcommunity.org
If applicable, please specify how you would like to see your donation used in a note or letter included with the donation. Donations that are not specified, will be used according to our priorities. Please see Immediate Needs for more information on our priorities. 
Cane will document the progress of the fundraising made possible with your help and keep you informed along the way.
Thank you very much for your interest in this little-known epidemic. As always, please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions, thoughts, suggestions or concerns.